About …

Dam Boutons’s spirit is an enchanting woven of lights, plants, and of
course buttons, the one more extraordinary than the other. The great
and the good get from her. Lancel flushes out his handbag’s buttons,
Daloyau finds there the button corresponding to his boxes’s cakes,
Jean Paul Gaultier comes to depane before his collections and, for
Michou, the blue prince of Montmartre, Dam Boutons goes until
dying some buttons in blue in a soft furnishings way. Subtle expert,
this tailor’s daughter, advises dressmakings, sewing schools, and
anybody getting into this magical place.
A unique shop in the world.
If you push the door, she will initiates you to the thousand subtles
transformations that a simple button, made of silk, of furs, of feathers,
of coconut… will bring to one of your clothes or to your house. You
will recycle with little expenses (from 40 cents for a nylon button to
50€ for a cristal button) a dress, a coat, a jacket, a cushion, a curtain,
expressing according to the mood of the day, the side of your
personnality you desire to hightlight.
It is the detail that changes everything. And the button is an important
detail. As already was saying Jules Renard : « « Ce qu’il y a de plus
sérieux dans le corps humain, c’est les boutons de manchette » («  The
most serious in human body are the cuff links »).